Our Commitment

Build a Center for Gender Equality to serve as a home for the gender equality movement at Nagoya

As the first Japanese university to establish a university-wide committee and an exclusive office to promote gender quality, Nagoya University is a nationwide leader on this topic. Nagoya will remain at the cutting edge, by creating a Center for Gender Equality on its own campus. The Center for Gender Equality will promote gender equality and host a gender library of 10,000 books. Slated to open in 2018, the Center for Gender Equality will serve as a hub for gender equality in Japan, driving campus-, city- and country-wide change.

Drive parity from the top, increasing the representation of women in leadership positions to 20% by 2020

Nagoya’s creative approach to supporting female faculty members has already paid dividends; their women-only positions in natural science subjects have nearly doubled the representation of women in these roles. Using this success as a platform for parity, Nagoya will scale and strengthen female-only roles, create dedicated programs for female PhD students, and dedicated mentoring programs, to achieve 20% of women in faculty and leadership / administration positions by 2020 (a 25% increase from today).

Work with the government and private sector to champion gender equality across Japan

In 2004, Nagoya established a forum to promote gender equality in Aichi prefecture. Much like the IMPACT 10x10x10, the group comprises private sector, academia, and public sector actors; the tri-sector group has launched effective programs including gender sensitization seminars, and science outreach for high school girls. Going forward, Nagoya will scale the program with a strategic focus on two key pillars: effective career support for women students, and joint research opportunities for women researchers. By 2020, Nagoya will engage five companies, five universities, 10 government funding schemes1 and 20 mentorship / leadership programs2, to promote HeForShe and gender equality across Japan.

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